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We are the partner of agencies and brands for crafting ideas to come alive in all digital mediums; delivering high quality results with an experienced international team without boundaries.

We help agencies and brands in every stage of a digital project; forming an idea, presenting or debriefing, analyzing the feasibility, create the perfect experience through web, mobile with the social world. We also help you solve your problems with your existing projects..
We’re keeping development simple since 2012

Primary Services

FrontEnd, BackEnd, custom development on WordPress, Joomla, Magento and OpenCart Native mobile app development for iOS and Android UX Design, UI Design for web and mobile projects

Secondary Services

Consulting for web and mobile projects Maintenance for websites; identify, takeover and maintain existing or new websites Content entry for existing and new websites
With a 10+ years of experience, a skilled team with different expertises from all around the world; DK can provide short and or long-term consulting for all your digital projects, all new technologies for innovation, your campaign concepts, strategies and planning.
As the DK’s oldest and main profession, we can design and develop mobile applications, websites, conceptual productions and softwares for your needs. Following the trends and using proven frameworks, DK is able to provide quick and effective methods for a high quality production. We will also be happy to help for any troubles in development processes and make the things better!
design & conception
When you have an idea, or just something in your mind and you don’t know where to start; DK is ready to help you to develop your idea and turn it into reality with mobile apps, websites, or even with a cross-platforman integrated strategy. With experienced and award-winning digital designers and art directors, we can provide high quality design that can adaptis adapting a the brand’s needs to improve itsand improving the image.
digital ads
For any digital advertisement campaign for your brand, DK can design and produce animated and platform-ready HTML5 sets for all ad and social platforms.
social media
We’re all living in a social-network world, it’s unavoidable to ignore the power and the possibilities of these platforms. With also an agency-related background and experienced team on social; DK is able to help for all social network related campaigns and development, providing all the material you need for your idea.
works & clients
  • nissandevelopment of official website of nissan turkey.
  • new balance runfront-end and wordpress backend development of new balance run event website.
  • parofront-end development of turkey's biggest loyalty program.
  • landscape portaldesign and development of landspace portal; the community for landscape architectures of europe.
  • karakoy gullugoludevelopment of karakoy gulluoglu websites.
  • unibabydevelopment of unibaby website for eczacibasi.
  • ortadogu groupdevelopment of ortadogu group websites.
  • akfendevelopment of akfen website.
  • aksigortadevelopment of aksigorta website.
  • knaufarenadevelopment of knaufarena website.
  • novabankdevelopment of novabank website.
  • marineled shopdevelopment of marineled shop website - FrontEnd, OpenCart BackEnd
  • muscle up sportdevelopment of muscle up sport shop website - Magento BackEnd, Maintenance
  • shed smarter livingNative iOS, Android Development, Android UI, download at iTunes, Google Play
  • PBSO ConnectProtectNative iOS, Android Development, UI, download at iTunes, Google Play
  • PBC StudentProtect Native iOS, Android Development, UI, download at iTunes, Google Play
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